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November 19 

10 am CET 

Recognizing young people who take action

for the climate and environment

The winner of 2021 will be revealed on November 8th. This year’s Children’s Climate Prize is a digital broadcast that will take place in mid-November shortly after the winner has been announced.




The founder of Children’s Climate Foundation is Telge Energi, the Swedish frontrunner in renewable energy. Their contribution has made it possible to realize the Children’s Climate Prize.

Read more about Telge Energi here

The foundation has a long-term perspective and makes it possible for others to partner in the initiative. 

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15, USA




17, Kenya





16, Brazil





17, USA





17, Australia

For the first time in the history of the prize, nominations were received from all six continents. Over 30 countries are represented this year, resulting in hundreds of nominations of young people around the world who are fighting for the environment and climate in different ways. Of the five finalists presented here, one will eventually be the winner of the Children’s Climate Prize and will receive SEK 100,000, a diploma and a medal.


Reshma Kosaraju
15, USA

Reshma Kosaraju is from Saratoga, California, USA. In her project, AI against forest fires, Reshma uses AI technology to predict which areas can be affected by forest fires. According to several reports, there has been a major increase in forest fires globally, a trend that is only getting worse. The jury sees a young entrepreneur with solid research who is attempting to tackle a highly relevant subject such as forest fires, and find modern solutions.
"I think it's incredibly important that children have a voice and know they are capable of helping the environment in their own ways. Being named the winner would mean that the scientific community and the public at large believe that my project has the potential to have an immensely positive impact on the planet we all share, which would be even more of an honor" 

- Reshma Kosaraju
Fires are a natural part of a forest’s ecosystem, but the underlying conditions have changed. Increasing global warming means drier and warmer conditions, thus making trees and other plants more flammable.

Many forests around the world are now finding it difficult to adapt to this increase in temperature. In addition, longer fire seasons and periods of extreme fire hazard are becoming more common.
In the western part of the country, the fire season has increased by more than 80 days in just 30 years. Current methods used for detecting fires are more often than not reactive, expensive and unreliable.

Reshma wanted to do something about this and created an AI model using neural networks that can predict forest fires. With meteorological data such as temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and soil moisture, AI can calculate where a forest fire is most likely to occur. The calculations become very precise with use of time data such as weekday and month, as well as accounting for human behavior. 
The jury’s motivation: 

Climate change and forest fires mutually reinforce each other and wildfires, today, are in many locations larger, more intense and longer lasting.
Forest fires have increasingly become a global and topical issue.
Reshma represents the best of youth entrepreneurship: brave, innovative and solution-oriented. Her model uses AI and technology in an innovative and savvy way in order to accurately predict the risk of forest fires while also accounting for the independent variables of climate, weather and human behavior. A clear and scalable business concept, with a global approach to accessibility. This is an example of an extraordinary and creative solution based on a systemized approach!

Good News 2020!

Watch the digital event here:

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Watch the digital event here:

Broadcast 2021

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We are at a turning point when it comes to history and the state of the Earth. Climate change is real and it is happening. The future of humanity and civilization on this planet lies in our hands. We know what is happening and what we need to do about it. Only future generations will know whether or not we succeeded. 


Young people around the world are leading the way with great dedication and drive. They are bringing new ideas to the table, they are inventing new solutions that propel sustainable development and they are raising their voices in demonstrations that gather millions. Children's Climate Prize aims to give these young people an arena to meet, for disseminating knowledge, sharing experiences and networking. Annually, we celebrate the extraordinary efforts children make for the climate and environment by awarding the Children's Climate Prize. 

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