The Children's Climate Prize is an international prize annually awarded to children who have made extraordinary efforts for the climate and environment. The award was instituted in 2016. Understanding that it is the future of children that is at stake, the prize aims to highlight the perspective of children and young people on the issue of the climate. The Children's Climate Prize was founded by the Swedish energy company Telge Energi. As of 2020, the Children's Climate Foundation awards the prize annually. The Foundation takes a long-term perspective and makes it possible for others to partner in the initiative.  The winners of the Children's Climate Prize are celebrated at a gala event in Stockholm, Sweden. They receive a diploma, medal and prize money of SEK 100,000 to continue developing their projects. The Children's Climate TALKS, a jam-packed seminar focusing on the latest topics in sustainable development, takes place in conjunction with the gala. For the Children's Climate Prize 2020 the event and award ceremony takes place as a digital broadcast the 18th of November. 

The Children's Climate Prize is an award for young innovators and pioneers in the area of climate and environment. The ambition is to be an arena for disseminating knowledge, sharing experiences and networking. 


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