Emily Tianshi

17, USA

Clearwater Innovation

- Solving the global water crisis by imitating nature

Drought has an abundance of moisture in the air, a reserve that could serve millions of people if effectively tapped. Emily Tianshi did just that and discovered a unique micro-pattern on the Torrey Pine tree. She spent years studying the water retaining tree, trying to mimic it's pines that bring water in and pour it out. She has now 

successfully developed a prototype device that biomimics the needle structure. Her innovation is unique and has recently gained national recognition from the Water Environmental Federation.


Ivanna Ortega

12, Mexico

SOS Salvemos Madin

- Local environmental activism for clean water

Clean, fresh and safe water is essential for public health as well for wildlife. In 2019, budget cuts left Ivana Ortegas municipality without funds to keep the water clean in the nearby Madin Dam, so water lilies and other plants took over, the fish died, and wildlife disappeared. Ivanna launched a petition and got over 19,000 signatures in just two weeks advocating for maintenance efforts to preserve the Madin Dam. The clean-up was a success and she recently launched a new project to battle the source of the problem.


Aadya Joshi

17, India

The Right Green

- Know how about biodiversity restoration

Deforestation is the second-leading cause of climate change. But just planting new trees can sometimes do more harm than good reducing biodiversity.Therefore Aadya Joshi founded The Right Green and developed a database including over 2,000 plants from different eco- regions of India. The vision is to empower and enable communities to restore healthy ecosystems, rich in biodiversity.


Isha Clarke

17, USA

Youth vs. Apocalypse

- Battling climate change and climate injustice

Isha first made headlines asking California Senator Dianne Feinstein to support a Green New Deal. Isha is one of the original members of Youth vs. Apocalypse, a diverse group of youth activists who came together to protest a coal terminal which was (and still is) to be built in an underserved community of color in Oakland. The group's mission is to redesign the climate movement, to centralize justice and provide a platform for youth of color and indigenous youth. Their work includes deep work to build local, national and global coalitions with other youth movements and adult allies.


OF 2020

Dhruv Sanjay

13, India

3E Stechulika

- Sustainable cooking equipment

In large parts of India air polluting cooking equipment are being used regularly. Dhruv Sanjay and his team developed a pollution-free solar powered stove that could be a solution to phase out the outdated equipment, eradicating the risk of having respiratory diseases from polluted air.


Caroline Crouchley

14, USA

Magnetic Train Travel

– Creating sustainable mass transportation

Transportation is the largest source of carbon dioxide emissions and a major contributor to air pollution and climate change. With that knowledge in mind Caroline Crouchley developed a working prototype of magnetic train travel. The innovation could prove to be safer and less expensive than Elon Musks Hyperloop.


Vinisha Umashankar

13, India

Solar Ironing Cart

- The making of a sustainable ironing cart

There are about 10 million ironing carts in the streets of India. Together they burn about 50 million kg of charcoal every day, burning trees, polluting the air and contributing to climate change. Vinisha recognized the need for a sustainable solution to the problem and created a solar powered ironing cart, an innovation that proves safer and more sustainable.