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OF 2021


Lesein Mutunkei
17, Kenya

Trees For Goals


Fighting deforestation in Kenya

Deforestation is the number two contributor to the negative climate change. Kenya’s forest cover has dropped to 6%  with a loss of 50,000hetoers of forest lost every year . This means we are losing forest cover close to 130 football fields a day! 

My solution is through the movement Trees For Goals  initiative . This initiative uses the power of football to plant trees as a solution to deforestation. Football in Kenya and across the world is a very popular sport and everywhere you will find people playing football with millions of fans as well. Through the Trees For Goals initiative , schools and football clubs join and commit that for every goal they score , including during training , they plant 11 trees .


Reshma Kosaraju
15, USA

AI against forest fires


An Early Warning System to Predict Forest Fires

Using Artificial Intelligence

Forest fires have steadily been increasing in frequency and intensity over the years. They are estimated to be responsible directly and indirectly for over 339,000 premature deaths worldwide every year and up to $350 billion in annual economic losses in the US alone. They result in forest degradation since they wipe out trees and vegetation cover, cause soil erosion, which can lead to secondary disasters like mudslides and the loss of microbial activity in the soil. Furthermore, there is a decrease in biodiversity since the habitats of many species are destroyed. 


I developed an artificial intelligence (AI) model that proactively predicts forest fires using meteorological data and other parameters. It takes into account both the weather in the region as well as other temporal factors to account for human behavior.


Fernanda Barros
16, Brazil

Fridays for Future Amazonia


Fighting for the environment and indigenous

rights in the Amazon

Amazon Rainforest is one of the keys to fighting against climate change. However, amazon people have still no space in the public discussion. Fernanda Barros is helping to empower youth amazonian voices.

As co-founder of Fridays for Future Amazonia, Fernanda is trying to solve the climate injustice, the climate emergency, and the mass extinction of many forms of lives, humans included.


Yash Narayan
17, USA



DeepWaste is an easy-to-use mobile application that leverages powerful artificial intelligence algorithms to provide accurate and instantaneous waste classification.

In this work, we leverage the recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) and the availability of increased computational power on everyday smartphones, to provide instantaneous, low-cost, and accurate waste classification. Our application, DeepWaste, is the first AI-based mobile app for waste classification, that can be used right at the point of disposal, by anyone with a smartphone,

to mitigate climate impact.


Anjali Sharma 
17, Australia

Class Action against Australian Environment Minister


Anjali led 7 other students in a legal lawsuit, a class action against the environment minister of Australia. This was heard in the highest court of Australia, the Federal Court.

The environment minister's imminent approval of the Vickery Extension Project, a proposed coal mine in rural NSW. If approved, over its lifetime the mine is estimated to burn 370 million tonnes of CO2, and dig up a total of 168 million tonnes of coal, which will then be exported to Taiwan, Japan and South Korea. These emissions will directly harm the future of young people.


This legal case asked two things of the court. 1- to recognise that the environment minister has a duty of care to young people, to ensure that her decisions in her position of power do not directly harm future generations. 2- to give the environment minister an injunction from approving the Vickery Extension project.

Read the jury motivations in our Press Room.

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