In November of 2015, Telge Energi took initiative in elevating children's voices throughout climate debates, as their future were being discussed without so much as an invitation. Therefore, the Children's Climate Conference was created in preparation for the World Climate Summit, COP21, in Paris. Sixty-four children from 22 countries traveled to Sweden to participate. In addition, representatives from different indigenous people as well as children who had already been affected by climate change, were also present. This was the last chance for world leaders to come to an agreement on common guidelines and promises for meeting climate change objectives, and the children wanted to be involved. Together, the children created a list of actions and requirements, which they considered necessary for creating positive, sustainable development for the world and future generations. Against all odds, the children were invited to partake in the World Climate Summit in Paris. This was unprecedented.







The children presented their requirements and communiqué in front of a press conference made up of representatives from all over the world, the top manager for the UN's Climate Change Convention, Christiana Figueres, and the UN's General Secretary Envoy, Ahmad Alhendawi. After this experience, Telge Energi decided to annually award a young person who has exemplified extraordinary efforts to improve their own future and that of future generations. Thus, the Children's Climate Prize was born.