Johan Kuylenstierna

Chairman, Swedish Climate Policy Council

"We should all be grateful to be followed by a generation of such passionate people, smart innovators and strong voices. Being able to offer a platform like this has never felt more important."

Melati Wijsen

Founder Bye Bye Plastic Bags & YOUTHTOPIA

"Childrens Climate Prize is important because it acknowledges the bravery and the actions of young people making positive changes in their community."

Micael Dahlén

Writer and professor at Stockholm school of economics

"The future isn't made yet, that's why it's so important to find and enable the superheroes who will, in the very best way for all of us."

Victoria Hellsten

Business Area manager & project lead ASAP

"The world needs more sustainability leaders and the cc prize is a catalyst and source of inspiration that can make all the difference."

Anna Ryott

Professional board member and entrepreneur

"Inspiring and injecting hope into the young generation and showing that it is possible to make a difference, is crucial to successfully accelerating the UN's global goals. That's why I get involved in the Children's climate prize."

Sam Barratt

Chief, Youth, Education & Advocacy, Ecosystems Division, UN Environment Program

"Young people have the key ingredients of thinking big and bold as well as a never-ending supply of tenacity to make things happen. The Children's Climate Prize is a brilliant initiative to show-case the kinds of ideas the world needs to reshape our shared future."

Perav Remazan

WWF Youth Sweden

"Children's Climate Prize finds and empowers sustainable leaders of the future."

Children's Climate Prize supports young people´s actions to bring sustainable solutions for our planet. 

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