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All over the world young people with a strong passion and commitment to issues concerning our planet are taking action. By partnering with the Children's Climate Prize you share our ambition to support young people's actions to bring sustainable solutions for the environment and the climate. With collaborations and partnerships, the prize can grow and expand further, and together we can support more young people.


The Children’s Climate Prize celebrates and sheds light on young innovators, entrepreneurs, changemakers and conservators in order to strengthen the scope and impact of their actions, but also spread hope and inspire others.

The Children’s Climate Prize is a professional organization with a broad network at its disposal to effectively reach an impact worldwide. Together with our partners, we bridge young people's realities and initiatives with international attention and act as a catalyst to ignite positive change in a sustainable direction.


Contact us if you want more information about how to partner with the Children’s Climate Prize.




Children's Climate Foundation

Every year, the Children's Climate Foundation awards 100 000 SEK to the winner. The foundation has a long-term perspective and makes it possible for others to partner in the initiative. The founder of Children's Climate Foundation is Telge Energi, the Swedish frontrunner in renewable energy, who also initiated the Children's Climate Prize in 2016. 


Founded by Telge Energi

The Children's Climate Foundation is granted a substantial contribution by the founder of the Prize, Telge Energi who has worked solely with renewables for over a decade. Telge Energi founded the Children's Climate Prize in 2016.

The ambition was, and still is, to highlight and praise young people's actions for the environment and the climate. Their contribution has made it possible to realize the Children's Climate Prize.

Read more about Telge Energi here



HEART 17 is an initiative, in partnership with United Nations Development Program (UNDP), which aims to raise awareness and action around the 17 Global Goals among youth by inspiring, breaking silos, and encouraging collective action among the world’s creatives. Children’s Climate Prize shares the vision to build a planet of hope and collaborates with HEART17 in invoking human creativity and innovation to accelerate change. Together we amplify the voices of creative youth leaders, artists, brands and global leaders, from across the globe.


You can read more about Heart17 on their website here


WWF Sweden Youth

WWF Sweden Youth has collaborated with the Children's Climate Prize since the prize was initiated in 2016. The winners are able to network and socialize with WWF Sweden Youth and visit WWF Sweden headquarters.

A representative from WWF Sweden Youth also takes a seat on the jury which selects the winners and finalists of the Children's Climate Prize each year. 

Read more about WWF Sweden Youth here



A community centric platform with learning at its core - Youthtopia is a youth led initiative founded by Melati Wijsen, aiming to be the global number one “go-to” HQ for young changemakers. It provides opportunities that bring young people together, ignites their passions and grows their skills through peer to peer programs guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The collaboration started in 2017 when Melati and Isabel Wijsen were chosen as finalists of the Prize for their initiative, Bye Bye Plastic Bags. From 2020 a representative from Youthtopia takes seat on the jury for the Children's Climate Prize.

Read more about Youthtopia here


Project Green Schools

Project Green Schools is a U.S. based, leading national non-profit organization, developing the next generation of environmental leaders through education, project-based learning, and community service. Our International and National Green Schools Society program (grades K-12) and National Youth Council (grades 5-12)  honor and develop bright, civic-minded, environmentally literate citizens in schools and communities.

Read more about Project Green Schools here

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